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13-16 inches
13-16 inches
22-25 pounds
20-23 pounds
Life Expectancy
12-15 years
12-15 years

Beagles are very loyal to their owners. They are generally black and white with orange, and have brown eyes. They are known for their soft pendant ears, and their cost is straight and very soft to touch. They are very friendly, playful and curious. They love getting attention, and get along well with children and other dogs. They are not always the easiest to train, as they are also very independent and determined.
The average height of a beagle is around 13-16 inches, and the average male weighs between 22-25 pounds. The average female weighs between 20-23 pounds. Beagles are at risk for obesity, so their diet needs to be monitored more carefully than other types of dogs. If a beagle becomes obese, they can risk a spinal defect.
Beagles will be more comfortable if they have a backyard to play around in, but they are also small enough to live in an apartment. They must be walked daily to help maintain their weight. On a side note, make sure to always keep them on a leash, because they do tend to wander when allowed. It is reccomended that a beagle eats dry food twice a day as well.
As for grooming, beagles are fairly simple. They only need to be washed when necessary. Their coat can be manged through regular brushing and dry shampoo. When grooming, be sure to clean their ears to avoid infections.
If you are looking for an energetic, loyal, and independent puppy, I highly recommend the beagle. They will be playful when you are around, but they will also be okay if left on their own during the day.