Quick Summary



22-24 inches
20-22 inches
60-80 pounds
55-70 pounds
Life Expectancy
10-12 years
10-12 years

The golden retriever is a very muscular dog, with a coat that varies from a cream color to deep-golden color. They may either have straight hair, or wavy hair, and its tail is long and straight. This breed of dog is extremely intelligent, responsive, and alert. This makes them easy to train. They are know for their obedience, and eagerness to learn. With my golden retriever, it usually takes him a day to learn a new trick. They love attention, and are loyal to their owners. They require a lot of attention, as they enjoy constantly being around people. It is not reccomended that you get a golden retriever if you are working all day long, and nobody will be home with them.

The average weight of the male is around 60-80 pounds, and they will reach around 22-24 inches tallo. The average weight of the female is around 55-70 pounds, and thwy will reach around 20-22 inches. The two most common health problems are hip dysplasia, which is common among all large dogs, and epilepsy. My golden retriever has a very minor case of epilepsy, and has around 1 seizure every two months. Since it is very minor, he is not on any medication. Also, if you get your golden retriever neutured/spayed, it reduces their chances of getting epilepsy. If they have a severe case of epilepsy, there is medication available to treat it, but it will not get rid of it entirely.

The golden retriever needs a large backyard to play and exercise. They also needs daily walks. When they do not get enough exercise, their muscles can seize up, which can result in a seizure. This is what happens with my golden retriever. When it comes to their diet, I reccomend free-feed. They tend to be so busy during the day that sometimes they forget to eat. If they do not eat enough, their sugar level is low, which again can result in a seizure. They can shed quite a bit, so you must brush them once a week. It is reccomended that you use a dry shampoo on a weekly basis to keep them as clean as possible.