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My name is Michelle Auger, and I am in my first year at the University of Ottawa. I am in the Telfer School of Management program, and I am specializing in finance. I plan to switch into the accounting program in my second year, and in the future, take over my father's accounting firm. One of the greatest things my parents ever did for me was allowing me to get a dog. Most kids dream of having a puppy when they are little, and I have been lucky enough to experience the joy of owning a pet. Not only do they provide you with company, but for me, they have ended up becoming my best friends.

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My Favorite Breeds of Dogs

Based on the pages of this website, it is obvious which breeds of dogs are my favorite.
  1. Beagle
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Shih Tzu
I have owned a German Shepherd, a Golden Retriever, and a Shih Tzu. A close friend of mine has a Beagle that I absolutely adore. This site is to help people get a general idea of each breed. I believe they are all great breeds, but it depends on the amount of attention you are available to give them. Some breeds need more attention and care than other breeds do.

Basic Information

On this site, I will be going over how much they weigh and how tall the breed is. I will also list off a few characteristics of their personality. The traits I list are the ones that I find to be the most true. I feel like all the personality traits add the most character to the dog breed. I will also talk about the most common disease among the breed, and the life expectancy. Finally, I will mention some tips on grooming and diet. Enjoy!

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News from The Ottawa Humane Society

On news on how to adopt them, check out the ottawa humane society!
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